Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Vision This

This is how I picture my book cover to look. Now don't get to excited because I haven't actually started writing it. Okay, I lie...I've written like 10 pages in a spiral notebook back when I was in high school. I'm probably going to scrap those and start over. Maybe, I'll add some parts from that though just for an idea.

1.) I wrote in 3rd person and when I started up again I was writing in first person.  I really don't know which I prefer. I thought that first person would be easier, but I was reading where it's harder for new writers to write in first person. -shrugs-
2.) I went back and decided to rename all my characters. I like unique names that fit the character.
3.) I had some new plots I wanted to add, and I don't think I could have with the way it was going.

Now as you can see I picked a title, but I'm not sure I'm going to stick with it. When I first started this idea I had picked another one entitled Whose life? then I thought Dreaming Wide Awake. So I'm still going over it in my head. I know you may not understand the reasoning behind the titles so here's a little something to help you out. Maybe.

"Knowing a persons fate is easy, it’s forgetting that fate that’s truly hard. If  
I knew that it would turn out to be the “happily ever after” ending it wouldn’t be as bad, but knowing they never stand a chance well it pretty much sucks. Still, I want to save them, I believe I can save them, I have to save them. I can’t really explain why I see what I see. I can’t turn it on and off, and soon I’ll learn that I REALLY can’t save them."
My mom used to always tell me that what I could do was a gift, but honestly I didn’t see it that way. People always get hurt. How is seeing someone get hurt a gift? I can’t change the outcome. There’s really no rhyme or reason for them. You would think that since I don’t know these people that it wouldn’t even matter. What do I care if some thuggish looking boy meets his end while he shoots up? Or how about the older guy who is accused of sexually abusing his child, and he has so much guilt he kills himself? The prostitute who is beaten in the alley way just because she dresses sluttish? Did they deserve to meet their ends just because they did bad things in their lives? Should I care more if it is a single mother of 2, working two jobs, who gets hit by a drunk driver who lives? How about a little boy who has leukemia and the doctors only give him a month to live? Or those people who just happen to be in the wrong places at the wrong times? Do I give more attention to them. No, because there’s nothing I can do for any of them. Those lives are on a path. They were put in those situations for a reason. I can’t intervene. These are the things I see. Why? Your answer is as good as mine.
 Did you find that interesting? I hope so because at the moment that's all I have. Sad huh?

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