Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I like to think at one point in time I knew what it was like to be in love, but I was stupid and felt like I needed to have someone. Now I think how can you be in love or even like someone whom you've never met and never talked to on the phone. I guess you would call me a pessimst at this point in time I don't believe in love really. I've seen friends and family get hurt by it. I'm not to much in a rush to get hurt by anyone or anything right now.

They're not really like the normal love ones. Mine are more of love loss poems or dreamin of the right love. At one point in time I thought I was in love, but I was stupid and the whole idea behind the "so-called relationship" was crap to be quite honest. I mean how can you honestly say you love someone or even like someone you've never met or never talked to like voice to voice. Hey call me a pessimist but that's what I believe. I've seen friends and family get hurt because of love like this, and I'd rather just not go through anymore pain then I have to. I guess basically my question is how can you love someone if you don't them. It's hard enough to love people you know and you're around all the time so why.....why put yourself through something that's not necessary? 

Two thoughts yet both the same.
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Death is definitely not something to take lightly. Remember when reading these they are feelings I had back in middle school. These are my versions of suicide poems if you tend to take things seriously please do not read them.
I'm giving you a warning now.
None are actually true.
NOTE: None of the poems are actually up yet.



What defines a friend? Have you ever stopped to wonder what a friend really is? What makes a person a friend? How do you define one? Is it someone who you've known all your life, or maybe someone you met recently. Do you talk to them everyday, or maybe just once a week? Some would say a friend is there for you when you're down. They listen to your problems. They try to help you when things aren't going right. They're always there for you through thick and thin, good times and bad. They stick up for you when others try to put you down. Is that all there really is to friendship though? Think about it! Then you don't just have friends you have acquaintances, best friends, and so forth and so on. How do you choose which goes from one to the next. The amount of time you see them, talk to them.


I Never thought

I never thought

Written 5-10-02
I never thought that this could happen
Ever happen to me
I never thought that this would happen
Ever happen to me
I never thought I could cry forever
Because forever is way too long
I never thought I could be so down
To where I didn't want to be around
I never thought I would want to die
Die because my life is hell
I never thought my life would end
Would end so painfully
I never thought I would see the day
The day my parents would get divorced
I never thought our fammily would be so unhappy
That this is what it would come to
I guess I never thought at all
That a family I could love so much
Would ever do this to me



I never thought