Saturday, January 15, 2011

Reed Chpt 1


In the short time I have been working at S.M.R. I have seen my share of deaths maybe more than one person should, but I knew it would happen going into this field. Also by doing so I knew that I could help those who others deemed as “unworthy.”

The little blonde girl in room 102 was one of my latest patient. Like all the other younger patients I had high hopes that she would pull through the treatment. As most of our younger vampires frequently did. This was something I and Dr. Sizemore had been working on. We were trying to understand why it happened this way. Why the younger a vampire is the easier the serum seems to take to the blood. Sadly, though this case took a turn for the worse. As Dr. Sizemore study the young vampire. He had the look I knew all to well. As much as he wanted the girl to live, we both knew it wasn’t going to happen. The serum and sedative had done more damage to the girls body then it had good. But the good ‘ole Dr wouldn’t give up he’d try anything to “save” the girl if it meant giving this child her life back and a child back to her parents.

“Dr. Castle, there’s one other option, but it could be tricky with her.” I looked at him about to ask what he was talking about when the girl stopped struggling. The monitor flat lined. We were to late.

When these deaths happened Dr. Sizemore was not the one to stand around for to long and mourn. He always told me for every one we lose there are four others that we save.

“Dr. Sizemore….” Before I could finish my sentence he was heading out of the room.

“Dr. Castle.” That’s all he needed to say. Those two words with his tone of voice was enough for me to know this conversation was intended for closed office talk between me and him only.

I preceded to follow him, but not before glancing back at my nurses.

Looking over at Brylynn I could see she was saddened. Her eyes always gave her away, and not just because she was crying. To me she seemed like she wanted to save the world one vampire at a time. That was a lot for one person, but I admired her for it. I looked over at Wendy who throughout everything that just happened was calm even though I knew it had to have broken her heart to, even for a vampire she showed more compassion for us mortals then our own did at times.

I had learned the hard way that a lot of people didn’t feel the same way the staff here at S.M.R felt. It was sad really! These patients were people regardless of what the news and media called them.

Passing the guards on my way out I nod to them. “Evening ya’ll.” They returned the gesture, Julian (I believe that’s his name) even replies, “Same to you Dr. Castle.” as he walks over to Brylynn.

I leave the room and head down the hall to find Dr. Sizemore. The man just disappears sometimes.

It’s about 8:30pm now. It’s the time most of the vampires are waking up. Some stay holed up in their rooms for fear of what they might do, others are out and about the Center.

On my way to find Avery I stop in on a few of my other patients rooms to check on them.

In room 113, I have an older, gentleman, around the age of 50. I knock on his door and announce that it’s just me, Dr. Castle, because I learned early on that it’s better to announce yourself. Some patients are not eager to have new faces in their rooms.

“Dr, come in.” he said.

As I open the door and walk in I look around the room, it’s pitch dark. All I can see is his outline sitting in the chair over by his window.

“Is it alright to turn on the light Mr. Clem?” as I stumble my way over to the side table with the lamp on it.

“If you wish I shall not stop you.” He sits perfectly still in his chair. I fumble with the lamp and finally manage to turn it on. I look up and over at the older Vampire.

I walk over to him, “Mr. Clem, are you reading in the dark?”

It shouldn’t of surprised me I knew all to well that vampires had extraordinary abilities. One of which was seeing perfectly well in the dark.

“Yes, Dr. sadly I am. It’s amazing what you learn from books when you read them over and over again.” He sets the book on his lap and continues on “I spent most my life teaching history to the kids. You would think I would know everything there is to know, but I don’t.’ His voice trails off.

I look at him, his gray thinning hair, hazel eyes, his bushy gray eyebrows, the mustache that looked like the kfc dudes . He reminds me of what a History teacher would look like.

“I’m sure you were a great teacher Sir. Those kids were lucky to have you as one.” I could spot the signs of depression easily, and he was extremely close to that state.

“Yes, I suppose, but those kids compared me to all those younger, hip teachers they brought in. They didn’t know any better and they just didn‘t care about history especially the way I taught it.”

I sat at the foot of his bed . Rubbing my chin with my hand. I considered what to say next not wanting to push it to far. “Well that school has no idea what an intelligent man you are. It’s their loss.” I smile awkwardly at him.

Mr. Clem looked at me in almost a regretful way. “Well we all do stupid things that in the end only make things worse. Don’t you forget that Dr. Castle.” His eyes returned to his book and he picked it up form his lap. I got up from the bed and began to leave contemplating what he could have meant by that. Was he trying to tell me more of his story? The only things I knew about him were things that had been written into the report which wasn‘t very much, but I didn’t see how it was relevant to what we had just talked about.


‘Yes, Mr. Clem?”

“Could you please get the light. It would be greatly appreciated.”

“Yes, Sir.” I walked to the night stand and turned the light back off and again stumbled my way back to the door. I took one last look at him and just couldn’t help but wonder. I walked out and shut the door behind me.

Passing the patients in the hallways I always get nods, what’s ups, hellos, and how are yous. It’s always nice. Even if their not my patients most of them know me. I can honestly say that a few of the female patients and probably nurses here have a thing for me. They look at me, I know because watching people is somewhat of a hobby for me. It helps me learn about them. It’s a dr thing apparently because I’ve noticed Dr. Sizemore and a few others doing it too. Anyways, I try not to think to much about it because truthfully nothing would ever happen. Simple as that back home in Texas it was the same way, the girls always took an interest in me and because they did I had my share of girlfriends. It never worked out for me with any of them. Stupid and young was not a good combo it made me very arrogant and it ruined relationships, or maybe it was the fact that I had more than 1 relationship going. So I’m trying to work on it, trying to leave that me back in Texas. Now I like to think I grew up some, but no ones perfect so of course I was seeing someone who worked here.

“Oh, Dr.?’ Turning around to the sound of her voice, there she stood just as perfect as ever. Even in scrubs she looked good.

I smile at her “Allison, you’re here late.”

She just grins, “Yes, Dr. I figured I could use a few extra hours and since my favorite Dr. is working tonight it would be a bonus. Don‘t you agree?”

I can’t help but smile. “Yes, I believe that is what they would call a bonus.”

Allison walks over to me and kisses me on the cheek, “So what is on our agenda for tonight?”

I shake my head, “Ally, we have the schedule worked out already. Nurse Brylynn is the one on my rotation tonight, but you can do me a favor and go see if she has the paperwork done for Kelly Baker, and bring it to me. I’ll be in Dr. Sizemore’s office.”

I had yet to get my own office so I shared one which was fine I learned a lot by being able to sit in there while Dr. Sizemore was right beside me.

“Fine.” Allison stomped off towards the nurses’ station.

“Thank you Ally.” She was already half way down the hall though so she didn’t hear me or she was ignoring me now. My guess was the second. Allison was one of those girls that was use to getting her way, and if she didn’t well let’s just say you had to spend a lot of time saying sorry or buy her something most normal people didn’t have money to buy.

I walked down the long maze of hallways in the building towards the stairs. I hated elevators, and tried to avoid them at all cost. The music that played in them was just eerie and depressing. It sounded like something that should be played at a funeral. They were also padded in white leather making it feel like a psych ward. It was made that way so if anyone was to get thrown into the walls while in it no one would get hurt. Simple enough logic I guess. I got to the stairs and took them two at a time. I was so ready to just go into the office and relax for a bit, and perhaps talk to Avery.

When I got to the office it was still locked. Great he’s still out and about somewhere. Just have to wait to talk to him when he gets back then. I thought while unlocking the door. Inside the office it was dark and quiet. I flipped on the lights and walked over to my desk. Tiny in size but it still worked for me. It had my laptop, piles of paperwork that I should probably get to, pictures of my family back home, pens, pencils, my U of A coffee mug, one of those big paperclip paperweight things, the walkie talkie all the dr’s have, and some other odds and ends.

I was just about ready to pull some files out and work on them when I heard over the walkie that the VA had just brought in a new patient. A male, 26 years of age. This vampire was definitely going to be one of my patient. Not that any other doctor couldn’t be his I guess, but they always tended to stick me with the ones closer to my age or younger. It was easier for us to get the vampires to talk if they had someone who could relate to them better.

Needless to say I just left the files on my desk, waiting to be worked on the nest time I decided to come back to the office. I grabbed my walkie and out the door I went.

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