Sunday, December 12, 2010

Start of something new!

I figured I have a few blogs for different things like: Books/reviews and personal. I had another one for reading/writing, but I didn't like it being together. Since, I had taken away the book part of it and made it into it's own little blog (which is awesomeness here) I figure why the hell not do the same for my writing. This is the final product. (okay so it's not a final product but it's okay) I always loved writing in some form. When I was in middle/high school I wrote poetry. (granted it sucked I still did) It was really a way for me to release my emotions. Trust me this way was a lot better than what I had wanted to do.

By the time I was in 10th grade I had met my writing buddy and best friend. We had met in english class because we ended up sitting at the same table. I think my fascination with actual story writing started when we began what we liked to call "our never-ending story" and to this day it never has ended really. We haven't written anything in it since 11th/12th grade probably but like I said nothing ever got resolved. It was a notebook we had (actually it made it to 2 notebooks). It wasn't written in true novel form either. It was as follows: Character A- Dialogue goes here. Character B- replies back with more dialogue. So it was sort of weird, but it worked for us. Our first one we did was about fairies/witches. The somewhat good fairies (hers) and somewhat bad witches (mine-I'm better with the evil characters). These fairies/witches lasted through 3 generations. If your wondering they did become friends. :) Our next little project was written the same way except it featured Vampires/Vampire Slayers. We have a few others we started, but never actually stuck with like the previous two. (I think it's because we grew up some and got jobs, and lives :( )

Now we've decided we want to write an actual book. She's already had a small book published called Heinous Crimes,Immoral Minds that's out on amazon.


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